Siberian Cat Neva Masquarade



Dienisij Słońce Sajan*PL

colour: SIB n 21 33
born: 03.06.2007 r
m: Peperonia Kocia Eminencja*PL
f: CH WCF Ballantine's
pedigree: (PL)FPL RX 1147
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Dienisij ist our second cat. He was born and has grown up in a polish cattery of Monika Strażyc called "Słonce Sajan*PL". On 30 October 2007 we brought him to our home.
Dienisij is a great cat, that can't imagine living without people. He spends more time with me and my husband, than with our other cat "Scarlett". He loves to eat, doesn't matter what's in his bowl. If he doesn't eat, he sleeps, often on my knees. When I come home at the evening, he's already by me and wants me to stroke him. He knows that a day without petting is a wasted day.

Dienisij's parents:



born: 12.2006

Scarlett is our first cat. She's completely different than Dienisij: Stroking and petting only when SHE wants it! But she's a great "sister" and takes care of "smaller brother", Dienisij, so that he stays clean and full. She also never forget to move a little after the dinner. :)


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